10 Of The Best Uses For Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing

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10 Of The Best Uses For Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing

Is the ideal solution for a number of various types of flat roof installations. But here’s our top 10 brought to you by Rubberseal.

  1. Rubbergard Commercial flat roofing projects
  2. Rubbercover Single/Double Garage New Roofs or Replacement Roofs
  3. Rubbercover DIY Shed roof
  4. Modular and Loose Laid Green Roofing Systems
  5. lantern & skylight rooflights
  6. Commercial Façade Rainscreening
  7. DIY flat roof repair or replacement
  8. Damp proofing
  9. Felt roof replacement
  10. Garden Rooms

EPDM roofing membrane can also be used for air tightness and exterior air tightness solutions. Each unique piece of EPDM is made to measure and can be cut to your EXACT size via our customised cutting service.

EPDM for Air Tightness & Exterior Tightness
EPDM roofing membrane can also be used for air tightness and exterior air tightness solutions

5 Tips To A Successful Green Roof

You Cannot Top A Rubberseal Green Roof!

The Rubberseal team have many years of experience and with experience, comes knowledge. They are here to help you throughout the whole process of a successful green roof installation.

Rubberseal Successful Green Roof
Rubberseal Successful Green Roof

Green roofs have increased in popularity over recent years, due to the increasing interest in sustainability and water conservation within both cities and within regeneration areas throughout Scotland, which is a position reflected throughout the whole of the UK.


EPDM Eco-Friendly Green Roofs
EPDM for waterproofing and preparation in eco-friendly green roofs

To ensure a successful Green roof installation this requires a lot more than research and planning! It also requires knowledge.

  1. Use Firestone Rubbercover or Rubbergard EPDM rubber roofing – To waterproof your roof, and to prepare your eco-friendly green roof.
  2. Relevant Planning Permissions – The installation of a green roof will normally require relevant planning permissions, to be granted approval. Grants or Funding may also be available for “green” work carried out in some areas. Check with your local council and ask if there are any grants for funding available for green roofs and if not there would be no harm in finding out what is available. As you could be eligible for a grant or funding for some other improvement.
  1. Additional Weight Bearing – It is imperative to ensure that the roof structure can withstand the additional weight that would be required when the green roof to be installed.
  1. Green Roof Drainage – Green roofs need more consideration to detail given to the drainage required. Many layers are needed in green roofing, and some of these are drainage layers!
  1. Waterproofing and Insulation

Firestone EPDM is an ideal material to use for waterproofing the flat roof deck before the green roof is constructed. Be careful to ensure that successive layers do not damage the EPDM rubber membrane. We recommend that you employ the services of a professional company for this.

To find out more about our specialist rubber roofing service please contact Rubberseal NOW on 0845 388 5281



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