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Firestone EPDM Commercial Roofing Systems – Overview

Commercial Roofing Systems Commercial roofing has moved on a long way from the age of gas boilers and asphalt. Nowadays single ply systems are the prefered product of choice for many building owners and architects. Firestone EPDM flat roofing systems are based on a single ply rubber membrane. Over 1,000,000,000m² have now been sucessfully installed world wide […]

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Rubberseal Commercial Roofing Services

Our Services Due of the nature and complexity of commercial roofing, it normally requires more preparation and management during installation than domestic roofing. As one of the UK`s largest flat roof suppliers, we have supplied EPDM flat roofs for a huge variety of commercial flat roofing projects. Rubberseal provide full distributor back up including: Roof […]

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Commercial Roofing Products

Commercial Products Rubberseal supply genuine Firestone Rubbercover that we import from the Firestone manufacturing head quarters in Indianapolis USA. Firestone EPDM systems have been proven to last in excess of 50 years under European climate conditions and have become the most widely used flat roofing system for contractors and building owners through out the world. […]

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Architects Information We work closely with architect practices and main contractors to provide roof build up and specifications that meet the high demands of today’s building regulations. We can provide detail drawings, condensation risk assessments and wind uplift calculations to ensure that every EPDM roof we supply comes with the back up required on commercial […]

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Firestone EPDM Roofing Materials

Firestone Building Products Firestone Building Products has produced and installed over 1,000,000,000m² of Firestone EPDM worldwide, from the cold climates of Alaska to the desert sun of the Arabian Gulf. This performance record has made Firestone Building Products a global leading manufacturer of EPDM rubber membranes, backed by over a century of experience in rubber […]

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