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Commercial Roofing Products

Commercial & Industrial Products

Rubberseal have been supplying our products to the commercial market for over 18 years. Our comprehensive range of roofing systems allows us to provide a complete solution for any commercial building. We work closely with many manufacturers and have listed some of our core products below.

Firestone EPDM

Every Firestone membrane comes warranted for a period of 20 years against product defects in material and rolls are available in panel sizes up to 12m x 30m. These membranes can be mechanically fixed, fully adhered or ballasted onto most substrates by approved or licensed contractors.


Liquiflex-Pro is our high performance liquid waterproofing system that can be used on new build, or as an overlay system to extend the roof waterproofing lifespan. Liquiflex provides excellent adhesion onto most substrates and is applied wet-on-wet without requiring an accelerator or catylist. The system is available with 15 or 20 year guarantees and we can provide insurance backed warranties when required.

Sintec Single Ply

We supply standard and fleece backed Sintec single ply pvc membranes and ancilliary products. Sintec membranes are relatively new to the UK market but have been sucessfully installed on hundreds of commercial properties throughout Europe and are widely regarded as one of the best available.  Sintec membranes are characterised by their flexibility, durability, their high resistance to UV rays and their ease of installation.


Our range of lightweight metal tile systems for pitched roofing and vertical facades includes Metrotile. We have been a main supplier of Metrotile roofing systems for 15 years and have supplied their products to many schools, public buildings and religious centres throughout the UK. Metrotile is a modern high performance alternative to standard concrete roof tiles or slates and is applied in a fraction of the time. Metrotile are market leaders and their products come with an all weather 40 year guarantee.

Rubberseal Green Roof

Our green roof systems are now available in modular trays that cut down on install time and provide an instant green roof coverage once layed onto the roofing membrane. They are delivered to site in handy pallet quantities and are available on a 3-4 day turnaround. The trays click together on the roof and can be easilly removed and re-fitted if any maintenance or remedial work is required on the roof.


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