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Rubberseal Roofing Products

Rubberseal only supply genuine Firestone EPDM membranes that we import from the Firestone manufacturing head quarters in Indianapolis USA.

Firestone EPDM systems have been proven to last in excess of 50 years under European climate conditions and have become the most widely used flat roofing system for contractors and building owners through out the world.


We supply a comprehensive range of EPDM membranes which can be fully adhered, mechanically fixed or ballasted onto most substrates.
Our membranes are available in full rolls or cut to size and come warranted for a period of 20 years.

`Firestone` Rubbercover – 1mm thick (for domestic applications)
`Rubberseal` Standard Grade – 1.14mm or 1.52mm thick.
`Rubberseal` Fire Retardant – 1.14mm or 1.52mm thick.

Adhesives and Detailing Products

A full range of ancilliary products are available for use with our EPDM systems including:
Various adhesives, primers, seaming/detailing tapes, flashings and termination bars.


We stock all the necessary roofing tools for installing EPDM roofing systems and perimeter trims etc.


Rubberseal trims are available to finish the roof at perimeter edges.
We supply the Easyfit Quicktrim® system or Plastisol coated steel with the option of bespoke sized trims available.

Walkpads and Tiles

We also stock decorative rubber tiles and walk pads for balcony and roof terrace applications.
These are available in a range of different colours and finishes.

Liquid Membrane Systems

Our range of liquid roofing systems include Liquiflex-Pro, Desmopol and Aquapol.
These systems are for use on new build and overlay applications and are installed easilly with full installation training provided.

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