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Rubberseal Liquiflex Pro


What is RUBBERSEAL LIQUIFLEX-PRO? It is a high performance, wet-on-wet, cold applied liquid waterproofing system that is fully reinforced with a polyester fabric. It has significant advantages over conventional liquid roofing systems because it can be applied wet-on-wet, is a single liquid product, fume free and virtually odourless. LIQUIFLEX-PRO has many advantages over traditional types…

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Flat Roof Replacement & Repair Tips

Rubberseal Rubber Roof Replacement & Repair Tips Owners of traditional flat roofs on their property whether domestic or commercial know all too well about the short lifespan of felt roofing! Sooner or later the felt begins to crack and fail. This leads to rain getting in and can cause expensive interior damage if it isn’t…

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Rubberseal “Rubber Roofing” Blog – This Blog Post Offers Practical, Helpful and Impartial Advice To ANYONE Interested in Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing.

Specialists in Rubber Roofing Rubberseal pride themselves in delivering high quality roofing supplies. Only supplying the best roofing rubber roofing materials throughout Scotland and the UK.  They are Scotland’s only importer and distributor of Firestone EPDM Building Products. Supplying the full range of Firestone EPDM. They also supply Ultraply TPO and offer lightweight roofing systems…

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